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Business Advisory Services Training Package


This is the initial training package that will walk you through preparing your business and your team to provide business advisory services to your SME clients.

This package is broken into 11 modules, each with it's own recorded training video and downloadable support material.

Business Advisory Services - Implementation Package - Roadmap:

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Step 1 - Introduction to BAS

  • Facilitator
  • What do SMEs want?  Assistance on non-compliance financial services
  • Procedure Control Form for each module
  • Partner Evaluation
  • Team Member's Survey
  • Client Surveys
  • Industry Groups
  • Attributes of A & B Class Clients
  • Predictions of Accountancy Business Evolution 2016-2019

Step 2 - Getting Organised for BAS

  • Balanced Scorecard Questionnaire
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Foundation Work
  • Do you want to be different?
  • What is the CFO's role?
  • Business Advisory Centre
  • Setting the scene
  • Future services that you offer your clients

Step 3 - Team Training

  • Meetings with team members
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Product Champions
  • Industry Champions
  • Career Development Plans
  • Coach
  • Team Member Responsibilities
  • The Right People Checklist
  • Training Programme for BAS
  • Mentor(s)
  • Business Development Manager
  • Meetings with team members
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Product Champions
  • Industry Champions
  • Career Development Plans
  • Coach
  • Team Member Responsibilities
  • The Right People Checklist
  • Training Programme for BAS
  • Mentor(s)
  • Business Development Manager

Step 4 - Leadership

  • 8 Steps to Introduce Change
  • Pre-Facilitation Survey
  • Leadership Evaluation Record
  • Leadership Development - Evaluation Survey

Step 5 - SME Meeds' Analysis

  • SME Needs' Analysis
  • Chief Financial Officer Services
  • Strategic Management Consultancy
  • Business Evaluation Workshop Checklist

Step 6 - Marketing Strategies

  • Checklist for BAS Marketing Plan
  • Checklist of Conversion Rate Techniques & Tactics
  • Checklist for Successful Marketing Hints for BAS
  • Marketing Positioning Checklist
  • Performance Standards
  • Identification of Clients for BAS
  • Digital Disruption Is It a Disruption or an Opportunity
  • Small business surveys

Step 7 - Review of Products

  • Potential Products/Services
  • Performance Standards
  • Gold Package of Bundled Services
  • Silver Package of Bundled Services
  • Bronze Package of Bundled Services
  • Review of Products/Services That Could be Offered
Introduction of Product Modules:
  • Debtors' M'ment
  • SME Debtors' M'ment
  • PPSR Due Diligence Review
  • CFO Services
  • Business Evaluation Workshop
  • Cashflow M'ment
  • Budgets & Cashflow Forecasts
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Business Mentoring
  • Business Planning Consulting
  • Buying a Business
  • Selling a Business
  • Grants for SMEs
  • Business Health Checks

Step 8 - Planning Seminar to Launch BAS

  • Organisational Checklist-Seminar for BAS
  • Venue Booking Confirmation
  • Seminar Invitation
  • Seminar Timetable
  • Handout-for each product
  • Seminar Attendees' List
  • Script for Introduction of New Services
  • Script for each product
  • Script-How do we assist our Clients?
  • Planning Seminar to Launch BAS

Step 9 - Selling Business Advisory Services

  • Guidelines for Submitting the BAS Proposal
  • Work Flow Process for BAS Checklist
  • BAS Selling Guide
  • Quotation Form-for each product
  • Clients Work Brief
  • Work Programme Budget Quotation Form-for each product
  • Proposal-for each product
  • Selling Business Advisory Services

Step 10 - One-on-One Meeting

  • SME Needs' Analysis
  • CFO Services
  • Strategic Management Consulting
  • Work Programme Budget Quotation Form Succession Planning Consultancy
  • Proposal for Succession Planning Consultancy Assignment

Step 11 - Implementation of BAS for your Clients

  • Assignment Completion Checklist
  • Introductory Seminar Checklist
  • Overcoming Perceived Objections
  • Offering BAS Checklist
  • M'ment of the Practice Development Enterprise
  • Turning your Accountancy Firm into a Client Business Centre

Business Advisory Services Training - Starts here:

Recorded Webinar:

Complete each session before moving on to the next:

Module 1 - Introduction to Business Advisory Services

Module 2 - Getting Organised for Business Advisory Services

Module 3 - Team Training for Business Advisory Services

Module 4 - Leadership Strategies for Business Advisory Services

Module 5 - SME Needs' Analysis

Module 6 - Marketing Strategies

Module 7 - Review of Products

Module 8 - Planning Seminar to Launch Business Advisory Services

Module 9 - Selling Business Advisory Services

Module 10 - One-on-One Meeting

Module 11 - Implementation of a Business Advisory Services Strategy for your Clients


Once you've completed all the sessions, you'll be equiped and ready to offer your SME clients business advisory services.

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