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ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZGRANTS products and services are far more varied and detailed than they appear at first glance.  To see the full potential of ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZGRANTS, attend a free webinar, or arrange a personal demonstration:-



Wednesday 6th July 2016 - 2pm AEST  

Early Stage Innovation Companies

The Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) legislation commences in Australia from 1st July 2016.

ESICs have benefits for companies that have some new innovative products, services or processes, to assist in raising capital. There are significant benefits for investors via a tax rebate, based on an investor’s investment in a qualifying ESIC and a potential CGT exemption on that investment.

This webinar will introduce the Early Stage Innovation Companies Product Package, developed by ESS BIZTOOLS, and will show you how you can utilise this package to assist your small/medium enterprise clients who might be eligible for ESIC.

Tuesday 12th July 2016     CLICK HERE




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Complimentary Webinar Recordings

Missed any of complimentary webinars?  No problem, just click on the relevant link below to access a recording...

ESS BIZTOOLS Information Webinar - Investment Readiness for Capital Raising
Held on Tuesday 17th May 2016

Before a business can raise capital, the business must be investment ready to meet the requirements of the investment community.

The changes being introduced by the Australian government are a great opportunity for accountants to assist their clients by becoming investment ready.  Are you providing this type of services to your small/medium enterprise clients?

This webinar will provide an overview of how you can assist your small/medium enterprise clients to become investment ready to raise capital and the resources ESS BIZTOOLS can provide you to help with this proactive service.

Click here to view the recording

ESS BIZTOOLS Information Webinar - Chief Financial Officer Services
Held on Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Being a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to a company is more than just taxation work – it covers a wide range of financial services.  Whilst large businesses have their own CFO, small/medium enterprises require a CFO just the same yet hiring a full-time CFO isn’t always feasible for the small/medium enterprise market.

With the changing market conditions, offering a virtual CFO service to your small/medium enterprise clients is a great addition to your accounting firm’s menu of services that you could offer, however not all accounting firms are prepare and/or have the resources to provide the virtual CFO services the small/medium enterprises are seeking.

The ESS BIZTOOLS’ Chief Financial Officer Services module contains pre-prepared procedures, forms, articles and templates relative to offering a virtual CFO service.

This webinar will provide an overview of what’s included in the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Chief Financial Officer Services module and will also provide a demonstration on how to utilise this system, to help you kick start or enhance your virtual CFO services journey and begin providing this type of service to your clients.

Click here to view the recording

ESS BIZTOOLS Information Webinar - PPSR Due Diligence System
Held on Wednesday 27th April 2016

Every business, from sole traders to large corporations, are potentially at risk under the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) if they don’t register their transactions and assets on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Whilst small/medium enterprises will require advice from a commercial solicitor relative to the Retention of Title and Terms of Trade Agreements, accountants, as the “trusted adviser” to their small/medium enterprise clients, will be sought after for advice relative to establishing appropriate system to ensure they’re protected from the adverse consequences of the PPSA.

The ESS BIZTOOLS’ PPSR Due Diligence System has done all the hard work for you and will save you time and resources, to provide the type of proactive service your small/medium enterprise clients are seeking.  The PPSR Due Diligence System has been developed to assist you with setting up a system for your clients, to protect them from the consequences of the PPSA.

This webinar will provide an overview of what’s included in the PPSR Due Diligence System and a demonstration on how the system works.

Click here to view the recording

ESS BIZTOOLS Information Webinar - Innovation Companies Capital Raising
Held on Thursday 21st April 2016

The Federal government has released the “Innovation Statement”, which provides more opportunities for businesses to raise capital.  One of these opportunities are innovation companies, which is going to have special benefits from investors to obtain a taxation rebate on their investments, as well as a Capital Gains Tax holiday.

This webinar will show how you could assist your small/medium enterprise clients make to become investment ready and encourage them to seize the opportunity that the “Innovation Statement” is providing businesses.

This webinar presents the following guest presenters:

  • Michael Murtagh - Business Angels Group
  • Rick McElhinney - Founders Forum
  • Peter Milla - Bistorque Pty Ltd

Click here to view Part 1

Click here to view Part 2

Click here to view Part 3

ESS BIZTOOLS Information Webinar - Debtors' Management
Held on Wednesday 20th April 2016

Including debtors’ management as part of the proactive business advisory services you’re offering will assist your small/medium enterprise clients in this very important facet of their business operations.

If there’s a way that you could assist your small/medium enterprise clients reduce their debtors’ days outstanding and establish a system to keep their debtors’ system in control, you would want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

The ESS BIZTOOLS’ Debtors’ Management module contains pre-prepared articles, forms and templates that you could use to provide this type of service, without the hassle of spending hours developing your own documentations.

This webinar will provide an overview of what’s included in the ESS BIZTOOLS’ Debtors’ Management module and how you could utilise the system to assist your clients with their debtors.

Click here to view the recording


Other Previous Webinars

Set out below are the list of earlier webinars on ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZGRANTS:


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New Products


Developed by ESS BIZTOOLS, ESS BIZGRANTS is a new system that will enable accountants to easily identify any possible government grants that are available to their client’s business.

ESS BIZGRANTS - Using Technology To Identify Government Grants

When it comes to accounting, there can be nothing more tedious than having to search around for government grants for which your client may be eligible. That is why ESS BIZTOOLS has created a new tool for accountants to bring ease and efficiency to finding and identifying these grants, by simply answering a handful of questions about your client’s business.

ESS BIZGRANTS is an easy step-by-step process....

  1. Basic information about the client's business is entered into the system by answering questions relative to corporate structure, turnover, employee numbers, location, expenditure etc.
  2. The ESS BIZGRANTS' system then identifies any possible government grants for which the client may be eligible and produces a pending list of potential grants.
  3. The accountant will then be able to click on to each of the identified potential grants and answer some additional questions to ascertain if the client may be eligible for that grant. If required, the accountant is then able to click on to a paper, produced by ESS BIZTOOLS, which will give a more detailed description of the government grant.
  4. A printable report, listing the potentially eligible grants, will then be produced.
  5. The accountant can then link to the website of the relevant government department to access the grant application/registration form.

The system is being prepared to cover the frequently used grants for SMEs. Material covers both Australian and State & Territory Government Grants.

What’s in it for Accountants?

A Better Service For Your Clients

As many small to medium businesses are missing out on government grants, accountants can offer a worthwhile referral service for their clients as to which government grants are available.

An Efficient Way to Identify Information

There are around 400 government grants available and to keep on going through them and knowing what they will cover is a large, tedious task. ESS BIZGRANTS system’s goal is to make this task easier and more efficient for accountants, therefore making the accountant’s service of better quality to the client by seeking and delivering any possible grants for which they may be eligible.

An Opportunity To Earn Money

The accounting firm may then be able to earn fees by undertaking additional work relative to the government grant. In most cases, they will have to submit a quotation to the client and have to be accepted by the relevant government department before they can undertake the work.


Become a subscriber to ESS BIZGRANTS for $450 (plus GST) per year OR $43 (plus GST) per month.  If you are a current GOLD subscriber to ESS BIZTOOLS you will gain FREE access to ESS BIZGRANTS! If you would like to become a GOLD Subscriber find out more here.

Watch our recorded webinar on how ESS BIZGrants works - Click here to view our recording.

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