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    Teams and Teamwork Summary

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    Participant’s Handout

    The purpose of the Session is to confirm participants’ understanding of what makes good teams and the dynamics that drive their formation and development.

    The essentials of good teamwork are identified and the stages of team development from formation through periods of growth and improvement to high level performance are analysed.

    Desired relationship and communication behaviours are highlighted and participants’ ideas are compared with actual examples from highly performing organizations.

    The role of team leaders and their need to adjust their leadership style according to team members’ competence and commitment and changing situations are clarified.

    Participants are made aware of common teamwork ‘traps’ that team members and leaders may fall into and identify examples from their own experiences.

    Participants are reminded that:

    • Environment (culture) is based on accepted and shared behavioural norms

    • Selflessness – team first

    • “What can I do today, to help my teammates and my team?”

    • Watch for the changing rhythms (dynamics) of the team

    • Beware of the Teamwork Traps!

    • Each individual counts but teams are often built in the leader’s image

    Throughout the Session participants are encouraged to involve themselves in the activities and discussions and relate the lessons learnt to their workplaces and other than work activities.

    We recommend that this Session is the first one facilitated as it as it gives potential leaders (and confirms with practising leaders) a good understanding of team dynamics and identifies what is needed to develop and maintain high performance teams.  And after all, teams are the reason why leaders exist!

    Download: Facilitator’s Guidance
    Download: Participant’s Handout

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