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    The purpose of the Session is to broaden participants’ understanding of what motivates people and what leaders can do to create the environment in which individuals and teams commit to optimum performance.

    Motivation is one of the Key Leadership Functions discussed in the Session Leadership: Making the Difference and leaders are expected to do their best to ensure all their team members are as highly motivated as possible.

    Matters covered include the following:

    • What motivates you and your team members?

    • Assumptions about people and what motivates them.

    • Assumptions and realities about Generations X and Y and their attitudes.

    • Key leadership functions as motivators.

    • Intrinsic motivators – effective, cheap and discretionary.

    • Extrinsic motivators: effective but problematic, expensive and nondiscretionary.

    • The demotivators.

    • The key motivators.

    Participants are reminded:

    • Don’t expect people to be motivated just because you tell them to be.

    • Don’t expect that people will be motivated just because you are – however it will help!

    • Maximise your employment of the intrinsic measures – they cost little and are very effective.

    • Be aware of and avoid those things that demotivate people.

    • Develop your people skills and implement the Key Motivational Factors.

    • Ensure that the key leadership functions are implemented with and through the other members of your team.

    Throughout the Session participants are encouraged to involve themselves in the activities and discussions and relate the lessons learnt to their workplaces and other than work activities.

    Download: Facilitator’s Guidance
    Download: Participant’s Handout

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