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    Good leaders get to know their team members and are responsible to ensure they are developed to their potential.  Doing so will increase the capability and effectiveness of the team and result in better accomplishment of assigned tasks. 

    The purpose of the Session is to enable participants to provide basic counselling and coaching support to their team members.

    The matters covered in the Session include:

    • Main causes of performance problems.

    • Counselling for organizational change or personal issues.

    • Coaching for lack of skills or knowledge about work responsibilities.

    • Planning your coaching.

    • High performance insights: People behave based on their attitudes and thoughts; individuality should be valued and explored; lack of motivation often reflects discouragement; consequences determine performance; and people treated responsibly take responsibility.

    Participants are reminded of the following:

    • Counsel within your knowledge, experience and capability – if in doubt refer to more qualified people.

    • Coaching is leadership in action.

    • There is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to your team members than by teaching them new skills.

    • Act quickly in dealing with performance or behavioural problems.

    • Make sure you have considered all the facts – and the consequences.

    • Make use of the guidance contained in this Session and the Coaching Tips included in your Follow Up for Participants Paper.

    Throughout the Session participants are encouraged to involve themselves in the activities and discussions and relate the lessons learnt to their workplaces and other than work activities.

    Download: Facilitator’s Guidance
    Download: Participant’s Handout

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