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    Leaders are responsible for employing their team members effectively to accomplish organisational goals.   The more they develop team members, and the more they delegate to them, the better they can meet required objectives. 

    The purpose of the Session is to explain:

    • The benefits that can be obtained from delegating.

    • The delegating process – what, to whom and how, including planning.

    The matters considered and discussed are as follows:

    • The benefits – nine points which are compared with those identified by the participants.

    • Rationalisation.  Four ‘reasons’ why managers don’t delegate.

    • Four examples of poor use of time by managers.

    • Prerequisites for delegation and the delegation process.

    • What to delegate and to whom.

    • Planning and control including levels of authority and following through.

    Participants are reminded to think about:

    • What can be delegated and the benefits that can be gained from delegating.

    • What is needed to create an environment in which delegation can work and produce results.

    • Making choices and assigning the appropriate level of authority for the job and ensuring that other team members know who they have chosen and why.

    • The process by which they can monitor and show interest in what is being delegated without interfering.

    • The importance of feedback on what has been done well and what has not been done well.

    Throughout the Session participants are encouraged to involve themselves in the activities and discussions and relate the lessons learnt to their workplaces and other than work activities.

    Download: Facilitator’s Guidance
    Download: Participant’s Handout

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