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    900-003 - PreFacilitation Survey

    Pre-Facilitation Survey Overview

    1. Introduction

    The purpose of the Pre-Facilitation Survey is to provide a broad view of the leadership skills of supervisory and management staff, for example:
    • managers,
    • superintendents,
    • supervisors,
    • team leaders,
    • foremen or equivalent
    that have authority over others in an organisation. 

    The questions asked address the leadership issues which The Leadership Academy’s research and extensive practical experience indicate are of primary concern to subordinates at all levels and in virtually all types of organisations.

    The results will provide a benchmark that will help trainers/facilitators focus on issues relevant to the particular organisation.  Good results can be highlighted for reinforcement and wider application, while poor results can be identified as priorities for analysis, discussion and change implementation.  Improvements in performance can be assessed against the original benchmark.

    Pre-Faciliation Survey download link is at the bottom of this screen.

    2.  Metrics

    Participants’ perceptions are quantified through a rating system measuring levels of agreement.  The levels are:
    • 1 = never;
    • 2 = sometimes;
    • 3 = fairly often;
    • 4 = often;
    • 5 = always; or N/A. 

    Participants may only select one response.

    Responses are then aggregated for internal analysis, and if applicable provided to the outside organisation together with the relevant Facilitator’s Guidance and Slides, and the Participant’s Follow- up Paper and Slides.

    3. Quality Assurance

    We recommend that at least 10 participants take part in the Survey.  However reasonable validity can be obtained from fewer participants if they are familiar with the subject of the survey, and particularly if they are either members of the leader’s team and/or his/her direct report manager.

    The degree of reliability of the survey will be related to the number of ‘subordinates’ directly accountable to a particular manager, or equivalent, who complete the questionnaire.  For example, reliability would be less if 10 individuals from 3 different departments of a 90 person company were chosen to undertake the survey; rather than all 10 being from one department. 

    However, in small organisations where all staff see the results of their manager’s actions and are affected by them, all staff could complete the survey with the results producing reasonable levels of validity and reliability.
    Some people might feel that by answering the questionnaire they will be (or be seen to be) ‘dobbing in’ someone.  It is most important therefore that the constructive purpose of the survey is explained and staff encouraged to participate freely, and any impression that people are being ‘tasked’ rather than ‘asked’ by their manager to participate is negated.  Ideally, an objective third-party should facilitate the selection and involvement of survey participants and The Leadership Academy may support this by arrangement.

    4. Conduct

    It might be necessary for the Pre-Facilitation Survey to be undertaken by email.  In that case an electronic copy should be sent to participants, and returned via email.

    5. Confidentiality

    The names of participants are not required but where they are included in the responses their confidentiality must be respected.

    6. Conclusion

    If considered necessary, the survey results can be forwarded to The Leadership Academy for analysis and comment.   Integral to our comments and analysis of the survey findings, the Leadership Academy will make recommendations on potential development or supporting solutions to achieve the results desired by the requestor.

    "Download" the full version of this document which contains the 10-question Pre-Facilitation Survey:-

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