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    IODM - Innovative Online Debt Management

    IODM - Innovative Online Debt Management

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    IODM Membership Level Per Month (excl GST) Active Invoices SMS Messages NORMAL PRICES
    Per Month (excl GST) Active Invoices
    Bronze $25 20 10 $30 20
    Silver $50 50 80 $60 50
    Gold $90 100 150 $110 100
    Platinum $210 250 350 $260 250

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    More Information:

    What does IODM do?

    1. What is IODM Accounts Receivable software? - The Accounts Receivable Reminder software allows Business to upload their debtor details and send reminder letters and true debt collection letters to their debtors, all with SMS/TXT alerts. Once a debtor is loaded a reminder letter is sent to your debtor, If the debt is still unpaid after 7 days, another reminder letter is produced which is far stronger in its wording. After the 2 reminder letters have been sent, they system will then generate 2 true debt collection letters, scheduled after 7 day intervals. The letters are the same as any debt collection company would use. In fact the letters are from a leading debt Collection Company in Australia.

    2. What happens if the debt is still not paid after I send the letters? - If after the 4 letters have been sent over a 28 day period, the IODM system will automatically notify the mercantile company that the debt is still unpaid. The mercantile company will contact you directly to discuss options you have in continuing pursuit of the debt until it is paid.

    3. How are the letters generated? - Once your debtors are loaded, click on the SELECT, and then SEND. Your letters will be generated to be printed on your local printer and/or emailed to your debtors depending on your selection.

    4. How are SMS/TXT alerts sent? - The SMS alerts are generated when you create a letter. However, the debtor must have a valid Mobile/Cell telephone number in order to send the alert.

    5. Do I need to enter my debtor details each time I wish to generate a letter? - No, once a debtor is loaded into the IODM database, it resides in the database. There is no need to re-enter their debtor details.

    What are the costs?

    1. How much does IODM cost? - The IODM system has various plans based on the number of active debtors you as a customer have, you can select one plan and if you need to upgrade or downgrade your plan you can do so at any time.

    2. What Credit Cards are accepted? - IODM will accept Visa and Mastercard at the present time.

    3. How oftem am I charged by IODM? - The IODM billing cycle is for 28 days, your credit card will be charged every 28 days for using the system. You can terminate using the system at anytime.

    4. Is there another way of paying for the subscription? - Currently only Credit Cards are accepted.

    5. Are there any contracts or commission? - No, there are no contracts, no commissions from IODM, however, if your debtor is passed to the enforcement agency, commissions will apply.

    6. What are the costs for using the debt collection company? - The Mercantile company will discuss the various charges and options available to you if the debt is still unpaid after using the IODM system. You are not obligated to use the Mercantile company.

    7. What are the costs for SMS/TXT alerts? - SMS/TXT alerts cost 11c for each SMS/TXT sent. These will be billed separately by IODM to you billed every month and are NOT included in your subscription plan. You will be billed for the SMS/TXTs that you send. If your debtor does not have a mobile or cell phone telephone number, no SMS/TXT will be sent.

    For more information on pricing, please click here for pricing of IODM for subscribers to ESS BIZTOOLS and subscribers’ clients.

    When should I start using the system?

    1. When shouldI start using the system? - IODM recommends using the system 35 days after invoice being issued. Remember the longer the time it takes to be paid the less likely you will be paid. Also, you will reduce your overdraft costs.

    2. I want to use the system but afraid that I will alienate my customer - Some businesses are concerned sending reminder letters and debt collection letters will make your customer angry. Simply explain that your business has a new company policy and everyone will be asked to pay after 35 days. It’s just company policy. The first 2 letters generated does not offend and is a simple request for payment, the second 2 letters are true debt collection letters on a debt collection letterhead. This means you ‘mean business’ in being paid in a timely manner.

    3. How often should I use the system? - As stated earlier, start sending the letter after 35 days from invoice date. A lot of companies use IODM effectively by nominating some time on the same day of the week every week. For example 10 am on Mondays. This will cycle the time to enable you to upload new debtors at the same time every week and review the older debtors that should be sent the other letters or passed to collections every 7 days.

    4. What should I do when I get paid? - Simply logon to IODM, go to “Manage” locate the debtors and change the Next Action to “Settled”, you can also set the date the settlement occurred. Click “Save changes” and it’s done. If your using Xero or any other bookkeeping system we have integrated with, you debtors will be automatically be settled.

    5. Is there something else I could read in better managing my debtors? - Yes, download the white paper “Better Managing your debtors”, this document discusses how you can improve you debt management.

    6. Is there a way I can work out how much my debtors are costing me? - Yes, simply use the “Calculate how much you will save” on the web page. This will assist you in understanding how much your debtors are costing your business!

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    A one-month FREE TRIAL is available.

    About IODM

    IODM provides specialist accounts receivables software and services to major clients across Australia.  Our range of software and services are designed specifically to enhance cashflow, reduce overdrafts, reduce overall costs and provide true ‘set and forget’ accounts receivable workflow/processes.


    IODM operates across Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom and plans to roll out to many other countries in the near future.

    IODM is emerging as the leader of Accounts Receivable automated payment software.  No other company has the ability to send reminder letters, true debt collection letters all with SMS/TXT technology to ensure our customers are paid in the shortest possible time.


    IODM requires no installation of software as it is all cloud based.  IODM can be used at any internet connected computer, anywhere, anytime.


    Accountants and Bookkeepers promote IODM to their clients as it improves outstanding debtor payments and reducing the time their clients take chasing slow paying debtors.

    IODM is so effective that many clients do not need factoring and can reduce the interest charges on their overdrafts.

    IODM can also be ‘white labelled’.  This means Accountants and Bookkeepers can label IODM to their own logo, pricing plans and letter formats.

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    A one-month FREE TRIAL is available.


    “IODM has been a great resource for clients of Books That Click. As a white-collar partner, I have helped clients who have had over $15K in owed debts to a mere $5K in less than 6 weeks!
    What a great way to help their business – that’s what the right “implementation specialist” can do – to bring the right add-on to the right client at the best time (when they need it most!) Making your debtor list almost disappear – because it’s simply that easy. Connected to a beautiful accounting package – it’s just too easy to keep on top of what you are worth and be rewarded for the hard work that you do.” - Trish Reeves, Books That Click

    “Since using IODM, I have reduced my outstanding debtors, improved my cash flow, and identified which clients are on my watch list. I find the system easy to use, and the letters really work. I pay one simple monthly amount and IODM support is always there if needed. I have no hesitation to recommending IODM to anyone.“ - Robert Morgan, Morgan Constructions & Shop Fitters

    “I am a builder in a trade for many years and I spend a lot of time chasing money owed for my work. My staff and I hate the time and cost it takes chasing money owed to my business. I started using IODM to speed up the payments from my debtors and to save time. Unbelievably, I now have more time and have saved many thousands of dollars in outstanding debtors. I like the SMS alerts and IODM reminder process. If you want to speed up your AR payments, save time and money, I would recommend using IODM.” - Mark Reidy, Reidy Constructions

    “Being a business owner, the hardest obstacle we had was taking back control of our debtors and keeping on top of them. My credit team started using IODM with quick results. We are now able to be in contact with all our debtors via various methods using IODM and it has cut down our debtor days considerably. An easy cost effective system to use with no fuss. Highly recommend it.” - RAD Partners Plumbing,- Russell Dorning

    To get started or to make further enquiries, click here.

    A one-month FREE TRIAL is available.

    IODM - PowerPoint Slide Presentation

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    To get started or to make further enquiries, click here.

    A one-month FREE TRIAL is available.

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