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Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Review made easy by PlanGuru


PlanGuru is a business budgeting, forecasting and performance review software desgined to help businesses and not-for-profit organisations make better decisions.

Whether it's a high level forecast for a bank or a detailed multi-departmental operating budget, PlanGuru enables accountants/advisors to produce a more accurate analysis in less time.

PlanGuru Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts Software will enable you to reach the enormous opportunity for outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services in the small/medium enterprise space.  By dramatically loweing the cost of delivering these services, it's no longer a niche business; it's a way to generatle monthly re-occurring revenue from the majority of your client base.

  • Easy budget set-up, 20 different forecasting methods, both turn-key and customisable
  • Powerful reporting/analytics tools facilitate seamless ongoing performance review
  • PlanGuru University will make you a power user and share advisors' best practices
  • Help your clients make better decisions

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