Global Business Camps

Global Business Camps have intensive business programs, specifically designed to help small/medium enterprises grow their business and create lifestyle for their owners.

Our aim is to help you get to where you want to go faster and safer.  We will have our team driving the tables and really generating discussion and action.  A wide range of business matters will be covered and you will get to hear from experts about all of the opportunities.  There are so many opportunities out there at the moment but we must be looking out for them.

Global Business Camps are special opportunities to get away for a few days and work ON your business, not IN it to give your business a massive advantage.

Working ON your business is one of the most important and most rewarding things you can do.  When times are tough, it’s even more important.  Businesses that think and plan for the future actually perform better and look after their customers, clients and patients better than the ones that do not.

There’s also the opportunity to have some fun, meet with and talk to some like-minded business people, PLUS you get one of our team at your table for 3 days – what could be more awesome than that?  The best part is, it’s all 100% tax deductible (the government is helping fund your growth)!

Our Mission

"To provide the framework which will help business people improve the performance and value of their businesses and, as a consequence, their lifestyle."

Our Vision

"We are known worldwide as an innovative provider of business events and resources necessary to re-engineer and dramatically improve business performance."

Our Core Values

  • We value the key contribution that small/medium enterprises make worldwide.
  • We are passionate about improving small/medium enterprises through continuing education.
  • We practice what we teach.
  • We care about our guests and will do anything to make their experience with us memorable.
  • We will act honestly with integrity at all times.

Global Business Camp Event

Watch this space for the next Global Business Camp event, including exclusive offers from ESS BIZTOOLS.

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what a few past attendees have said...

"We went to last year's camp.  We followed it up with a staff retreat.  Our profit from the end of the retreat (early May) to the end of th eyear beat the period leading up to the retreat (July to May).  I can't recommend these camps enough to any business owner."

Peter Johnson from Access Law Group

"I have been to 3 Business Camps and they have helped me grow my businesses.  We could have gone out of business if it was not for our accountant taking us to Business Camps.  Thanks to Peter (our accountant) and to John and the team at Global Business Camps for changing our lives.  From the bottom of my heart everyone in business should go to the camp."

Michelle Garvey from Refined Interiors

"Our clients had a great time & you have helped us to transform the thinking of 3 more clients so that they have a real chance of taking control of their destiny.  That is priceless for us as a professional firm.  We feel privileged to have been a part of the GBC process 3 times.  Rest assured that we will be pulling out all stops to be there again next year."

Gary Packer - GPA Accounting

"My mother and I came back to work so motivated, with 6 pages of to do lists.  The way it was set, the way you controlled the seminar and kept everybody on the edge of their seats for the entire three days was second to none and I really appreciate it."

Joe Vasile

"I've got car washing businesses around Brisbane, up-market car wash cafes.  The one thing that I've learnt from here is that we don't plan, we do not plan anywhere near enough.  We plan to go on holidays and we plan how to build our house and build out structures but we don't really plan as to where we want our business to be iin 5 then 10 years so that we've got a set goal to get to.

That's the main thing I've gotten out of the camp, and then once you have that the ability to move to customer satisfaction, but it's so time consuming or we feel it's so time consuming.  I would definitely recommend anyone's attendance at this camp but also that the tools that you get to take away will be invaluable to our business.  I look forward to being here again."

Ian Healy - Former Australian Cricket Great, Small Business Owner

"I found it not only informative but it has given me the inspiration to move forward and make some changes in my own business that can only be for the better.  I also found I made some valuable friends and look forward to catching up with them on a regular basis.  The guest speakers provided me with an insight on other ways of doing things."

Sheridan Scott - United First Supplies

About John Tsoulos

Having worked closely with businesses from different parts of the world, he has vast experience in applying business development programs producing excellent results.  The extra benefit that John has is that he has built a number of businesses over the years.  So he has been in the trenches and understands what needs to happen for a business to be successful and be saleable.  John has presented at conferences, business building events, business camps and team building camps in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. In 2001, John developed the 6 Secrets™ to any business, whilst creating the original business camp program.  The event was first run in 2002 for 47 people and after 4 events held in South Australia, the events went to the national scale.

With National events occurring since 2006, the content of the program has evolved and developed, bringing in many new strategies, ideas and thought processes, but the core 6 Secrets™ methodology remains.  This methodology has been used and mastered by thousands of businesses and the results have been fantastic.  John is focused, dynamic and passionate, and believes in the program format and the 6 Secrets™ to any business.  To quote his words “Every business must go to the camp. It will completely re-engineer the way people do things and, in turn, give them a better business and lifestyle.”

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