Buying a Business Product Package

It’s a “buyer’s market” – your client will probably want you to analyse a number of businesses, this package will assist you.

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  • The checklists and templates will assist you to conduct a thorough “Due Diligence Review” on all aspects of the businesses being considered by your client.

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The Buying a Business Product Package includes a range of checklists, forms and templates under the following headings:

  • Quotation and proposal
  • Articles for your client to read
  • Work checklists through to preparation of “financial analysis report”.
  • Due diligence on the targeted business
  • Preparation of business plan, budgets and cashflow forecasts
  • Preparation of finance applications
  • Documentation of meeting(s) with financiers
  • Identification to your client of potential internal issues noted in the due diligence process

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It’s a “buyer’s market!”  The material within Buying a Business Product Package has been prepared on the assumption that your client will have a number of options when he/she is considering purchasing a business.

The material has been assembled on the basis that it is very important that a thorough Due Diligence Review is undertaken on all aspects of a business prior to signing a contract.

To assist you in the process the following tools are included:

  • Purchasing a Business Checklist
  • Thinking of Buying a Business
  • Buying a Business Consultancy Reference Papers – this includes links to about 60 separate papers produced by ESS BIZTOOLS to assist you in the Due Diligence Review of the options that your client has available to them. (BAS1051).

There are articles that you could badge and send to your clients to assist them in understanding the due diligence processes:

  • Thinking of Buying a business
  • Purchasing a Business Checklist

Forms to assist you in the due diligence process include:

  • Buying a Business Consultancy
  • Financial Analysis Report relative to:
  • financial accounts analysed
  • net profit
  • adjustments for salaries rent and interest and other items
  • estimate of total investment required
  • targeted rate of return
  • targeted return
  • Due Diligence Review on the business including:
  • suppliers
  • major customers
  • owner of premises
  • buying group
  • finance clause
  • Buying shares in a company:
  • beware!
  • due diligence review on the company

There are links to the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Zenith Traffic Estimates for additional information relative to where the business is located.

Agenda for a discussion with your client relative to the internal control system within the business and what changes might be necessary.

Checklist of matters for consideration in the preparation of a finance application to assist your client to purchase the business or, in some instances, you might consider having a conversation with your client about the possibility of attempting to have the company classified as a Crowd Sourced Funding Company so that the company could raise capital as a Crowd Sourced Funding Company to assist with the financing of the acquisition of the business. (Crowd Sourced Funding Company – Learn More)

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