What Type of Services do your Clients Want?

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Surveys conducted by major companies over the last 15 years have all indicated that 75% to 80% of SMEs are looking for a wider range of commercial services to be provided by their accountants/business advisors.

Have you had a discussion with your "A Class" clients to ask them what type of services they are looking for?

Many of these clients are probably going to ask you – What type of services can you provide me?  They will be looking for you to tell them the type of services that your accountancy business can provide.

I would like to give you a suggestion on a range of services that you might care to gear up to so that your firm could provide a range of commercial services to your clients including:

Debtors' Management Review

  • the regular calculation of debtors' days outstanding
  • discussion on system changes required to reduce debtors' days outstanding
  • the implementation or a review of a written debtors' management system
  • the regular review of debtors' balances and the prompt follow-up of debtors

All of this will contribute to improving the business’ cashflow position.

Risk Management – primarily “Personal Property Securities Register”

A due diligence review on the business’ understanding of the Personal Property Securities Act. A regular check to ensure that the system is functioning satisfactorily.

Business Planning

  • Business plans for businesses are just as important as maps for tourists
  • Where does the business want to go?
  • Where do they want to be in 3 to 4 years' time?

Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts

  • Should complement the business plan
  • It’s important that businesses are continually identifying when they are going to have “cashflow hotspots”

Succession Planning

This is an ongoing issue for businesses, both large and small, but not just for the CEO but for every position within the business.

Chief Financial Officer Services

  • With today’s computer technology and communications technology an accountancy business should be able to offer a broad range of services to clients irrespective of where they are located in Australia.
  • You could then supply a virtual CFO's service to your clients.
  • This will be very important for any company that raises capital as an Early Stage Innovation Company or a Crowd-Sourced Funding Company or, for that matter, has a turnover over $2.5 million and doesn’t employ a full-time accountant.

Identifying Grants

  • Over $3 billion is allocated by the Australian, State and Territory governments each year for grants primarily targeted at small/medium enterprises.
  • All businesses, both large and small, are contributing to this pool of money through their taxes.
  • Are your clients receiving their fair share of the grants that are available?

Capital Raising for SMEs

This is an exciting time for small/medium enterprises!

This new opportunity will enable small/medium enterprises to raise capital as a Crowd-Sourced Funding Company or an Early Stage Innovation Company.

This will enable some companies, which have developed a new product, process or technology, to be able to raise finance so they can successfully commercialise their invention and, for other companies, it will enable them to raise capital to pay out loans and credit card debts or to meet the challenges of expanding their businesses.

Each company that tries to raise capital will need assistance from their accountant to prepare the documentation that is necessary in the capital raising process and then to supply the ongoing financial management system to assist the company to trade successfully.

Early Stage Innovation Companies are attractive to many investors because of the potential tax rebate and no capital gains tax, if they hold the shares in the company for more than 12 months and less than 10 years – but to get these investors on board they need to be able to indicate that they have strong accounting skills available to assist them with their business journey.

Buying a Business

It’s a buyer's market at present because of the large number of “baby boomers' businesses” that are on the market or are expected to come onto the market over the next few years.

What type of services are you offering to assist your clients to get the best opportunities in the market?

Selling a Business

It’s a hard job to sell a business.  Have you thought about the strategies that your firm could introduce to assist your clients to sell their businesses?


In this new commercial world, whereby accountants are offering a wider range of business advisory services to SMEs, there will be a requirement for more and more members of an accounting team to have a direct involvement with your clients and the clients’ teams on a wider range of commercial matters than most of them have had in the past.  This highlights the necessity for all members of the team to be trained in leadership matters so that they can communicate with clients on a wider range of subjects then just annual accounts and tax.

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I believe this is what small/medium enterprises want to assist them on their business journeys.

Are you going to provide the type of services that SMEs want?

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What Type of Services do your Clients Want?

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