Are Your Clients Being Served?

As an accountancy/advisory business, are your clients being served the professional services that they require?

A number of surveys over the last 15 years have identified that small/medium enterprises want more services than just taxation from someone – without really specifying who the “someone” is!

There is no guarantee that “someone” is the SMEs current accountant or advisor.  This is because many SMEs have a belief that their current accountants are only interested in preparing annual accounts, income tax returns and superannuation.  Many SMEs do not appreciate that their accountants may be interested in offering a broader range of commercial services to assist their clients to add value to their businesses.

The challenge for accountants/business advisors is to “educate” clients on the full array of services that your firm is able to provide.

My recommendation is that you should be communicating with your clients and giving them examples of some of the additional work that you can undertake for them.

The examples could include the following:

  • For a client interested in purchasing a business you could send a sample checklist on matters to be considered in the purchasing of a business
  • For a client who has previously operated a business who is proposing to commence a new business you could send an overview of matters relative to commencing a business, including comments on a lease agreement, employment of staff, negotiations with suppliers.
  • For a client who is an experienced business manager you could send that person articles on the benefits of preparing a business plan and how businesses can use business plans to guide them during their operations and the benefits of preparation and use of budgets and cashflow forecasts.
  • Most SMEs have dealings with banks or other types of financial institutions. Accountants could send articles on negotiations with banks and monitoring of bank agreements to SMEs so as to assist SMEs in their understanding of banking procedures.
  • Business planning is very important for all types of businesses. Accountants can assist in an SME's understanding of the business planning process by forwarding an article outlining the various processes involved in the preparation of a business plan.
  • Corporate governance is very important for companies and is very applicable to businesses that are contemplating raising capital as crowd sourced funding companies or early stage innovation companies. Accountants can assist company directors by distributing information on director's responsibilities and duties.
  • Do you have some clients who are exporters?  You could communicate with them in relation to exporting matters.  The role of Austrade.  The benefits that they could obtain as an exporter from the Export Market Development Grant.  Also some material in relation to the need for export plans to be prepared.
  • If your client is running a family business; who not send them some information on succession planning or the operation of a family council.
  • If your client has shown some interest in being able to raise capital utilising Section 708 of the Corporations Act or early stage innovation companies, capital raising or crowd sourced funding equity raising.  Why not send them some articles on those subjects?

Now you might ask where all these articles are coming from.  I have some great news for you; because if you're a subscriber to ESS BIZTOOLS Gold Package, articles on each of subjects referred to above are contained within the package that is available to subscribers.  That includes the:

  • article
  • covering letter to go to the client
  • survey form to ask the client what they thought of that particular article

because, unashamedly, we have designed the material within ESS BIZTOOLS to assist our accounting and business advisory firm clients to be able to communicate with your clients so you are able to offer a diversified range of services to your clients.

We are presenting a special webinar on "Are You Serving Your Clients" on Tuesday, 10th April 2018 at 12.30pm AEST.  Please click here to register.

I look forward to talking with you at that time. 

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Are Your Clients Being Served?

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