Seminars/Webinars Are A Great Marketing Tool

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Seminars are a great marketing tool for accountants and business advisers because they’re a great way for you to educate your clients and prospects on the services you can provide.

For many years, SMEs have been asking for a wider range of services to be made available to them to assist them to add value to their businesses.

We’ve listened to those survey results and, based on those results, have launched a series of seminars that you can present to your clients to inform them that you understand what they require in the marketplace because you will be educating them on the types of services that your accountancy or advisory business can provide.

Some of the seminars that you might present could include:

  • Differentiating Your Services – a great introduction to some marketing tactics
  • Introduction to Budgeting
  • Improving Cashflow for Small/Medium Enterprises
  • Setting Retail Prices, Setting Professional Fees or Setting Trades Charge Out Rates - all to achieve a targeted profitability result for that particular business.
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators - to assist in the successful operation of a business.
  • Marketing Hints on Matters Related to the Business.
  • Overview of Bank Requirements – so your clients understand some of the terminology that their bankers are using and a recommended way to dealing with banks.
  • Customer Service
  • Characteristics of a Well Run Business – is a great seminar to overview the types of services that you’re able to provide for your clients. We analyse 20 separate characteristics.
  • How Business Plans can help Small/Medium Enterprises. Business plans for businesses are just as important as maps for tourists and this is a great seminar to educate your clients.
  • Corporate Governance Mentoring – a great way to assist company directors or committee members of not-for-profits and charities to have a better understanding of their corporate duties and responsibilities.
  • An Insight into Family Businesses - looking at issues like succession planning, family councils and other activities.
  • Exporting – where do you start?
  • Demystifying Discretionary Trusts so that your clients have a better understanding as to how trusts operate.
  • Early Stage Innovation Companies – this is a great way to raise capital and it’s a great seminar to educate those clients that are developing new products, processes or services.
  • Where to Start – Buying a Business – there are plenty of businesses for sale as the baby-boomers start planning their retirement.
  • Getting the Best Results When Selling a Business – because, whilst there are plenty of businesses for sale, it's very difficult to get the right price. In some instances the planning is going to take 3 or 4 years.  You can talk about this in the seminar.
  • How Government Grants can help Small/Medium Enterprises. There are a wide range of government grants available in Australia.  Are your clients receiving their fair share?  This seminar will allow you to summarise that.

ESS BIZTOOLS includes 35 prepared packages of seminars or webinars.  You will receive the papers that you can handout to the attendees, PowerPoint slides to help you make the presentation and a whole range of organisational material.  All you have to do is to familiarise yourself with the material you’re going to be discussing and the rest is supplied to you. (Click here).

Why not visit our new website – – to have a look at the wide range of services that are available to assist you to add value to your small/medium enterprise clients by providing a range of commercial services for which the SME market is looking.

We are conducting a series of special webinars during the month of April 2018 to celebrate the Accounting Business Expo, which was held in Sydney two weeks ago. 

We have a special 25% discount available on all of our products.  This discount runs through to the 30th April 2018.  Please enter ABE25 when subscribing to a package to receive the 25% discount.

The special webinars are to be held on:

  • Wednesday 18th April 2018 - "Value Adding Accountants' Services" at 12.30pm AEST - (Click here) to register
  • Monday 23rd April 2018 - "Value Adding Accountants' Services" at 12.30pm AEST - (Click here) to register
  • Monday 30th April 2018 - "Value Adding Accountants' Services" at 12.30pm AEST - (Click here) to register

If you have any questions of any of the ESS BIZTOOLS' products designed to assist you in delivering a range of outstanding services to your clients, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can send me an email - or phone 1800 232 088.

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Seminars/Webinars Are A Great Marketing Tool

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