Communicate or Perish!

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Accountants, you need to communicate or perish!

SME clients are being bombarded by communications from all types of people, including your competitors.

Accountants need to develop a communication strategy or your opportunity for new work, work in the business advisory services space, or indeed any other type of work, will perish over the next few years.

Have you developed strategies to ensure that you are sending information articles to your clients which will help them understand more about their businesses? 

Does your website contain interesting articles on the services that you can provide to your SME clients? 

Are you including short articles and videos within social media to promote to your clients and prospects what you do? 

Are you producing short, sharp promotional messages for use on Twitter; again, promoting your services?

Seminars and webinars – are you presenting them to help your SME clients/prospects to understand the support that you can give to add value to their businesses?

When appropriate, are you sending media releases to your local media whereby you comment on matters of interest to small/medium enterprise businesses?

In today’s world, all of us are being bombarded with messages and communications of all types.  The marketing experts claim that you must send a message to someone twelve to fourteen times before they react.  Your clients are receiving those messages from a vast range of people and, if you’re not at least keeping up with that, your clients will lose contact with the services you can provide.

To be effective in communicating your message to your clients, it would definitely be helpful if you had a library of articles to assist in the promotion.  If you had that and someone else had prepared it for you, this would save you hundreds of hours in the development of that material.

ESS BIZTOOLS has developed that type of library.  This has been developed by accountants for accountants to help you communicate all types of services to your clients.

The ESS BIZTOOLS’ library contains over 550 separate articles that have been allocated to 68 sections.  As an ESS BIZTOOLS’ subscriber, all you need to do is brand the articles, so your clients understand that its coming from you and send it to them.  You don’t have to do anything else.  You can edit the material, if you wish; but most subscribers tell us they don’t.

Some of the sections within which these articles are contained are:

  • Beginning in Business – a series of articles to assist someone who is contemplating going into business.
  • Business Entities – looking at sole traders, partnerships, discretionary trusts, unit trusts, early stage innovation companies, proprietary limited companies and unlisted public companies are all contained within this section.
  • Business Systems – operating a successful business. One of our major articles – Characteristics of a Well Run Business – is included in this section.
  • Marketing – an introduction to marketing to help your clients understand some marketing trends.
  • Business Planning – articles on why business plans are important and then business plan questionnaires.
  • Family Businesses – looking at issues like:
  • Succession
  • Family Councils
  • Developing family members into a business
  • Banks and Financiers – helping your SME clients to be more comfortable in dealing with their banks or lenders.
  • Taxation – we do have some articles on taxation within ESS BIZTOOLS, but the articles that we’ve written on taxation are primarily centred on how your client must react to various issues with the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Corporate Governance – a major issue for many of your clients who are considering starting a Crowd Sourced Funding Company or an Early Stage Innovation Company.
  • Government Grants and Assistance – there are some articles on government grants, but we have a full product in the ESS BIZGRANTS’ system.
  • Exporting – looking at what’s involved in exporting; what’s the role of Austrade; what’s the role of the Export Market Development Grant.
  • Legal – some articles on how lawyers can assist in the development of your clients’ businesses.
  • Human Resources – making sure your clients don’t get into trouble with Fair Work Australia, but also have appropriate systems in place for their team members.
  • Customers/Customer Service – how to develop customer communications, the benefits of having a customer advisory committee.
  • Cost Control – do you realise that when CCH undertook their major survey of over 1,200 small/medium enterprises approximately 3 years ago, those 1,200 businesses identified “cost management” as the biggest single problem they had? How long since you gave some advice to your clients on cost control?
  • Investment Readiness – this section looks at how companies go about getting themselves into an “investment ready” status. What needs to be done?  Vision?  Business Plan?  Budgets?  Cashflow Forecasts?  Information Memorandum?  Being able to make a presentation to investors and these days we then branch into Early Stage Innovation Companies preparedness and Crowd Sourced Funding Companies.
  • Personal Property Securities Act - what it means to businesses. The Personal Property Securities Register articles will guide your clients through the reasoning as to why they should, at least, be considering registering customers on the Personal Property Securities Register.

I would invite you to visit our website – – to view the material that’s available for a “Guest” subscriber (Click here to register for a free 30-day Guest Login) to see a summary of the articles that we have produced to help accountants deliver great services to your clients.  This is part of communication with your clients so that you don’t perish.

We have a series of free webinars coming up over the next couple of weeks, which we’ve called “Value Adding Accountants’ Services” (very important) on:

  • Wednesday 18th April 2018 – with an emphasis on government grants in this particular webinar at 12.30pm AEST (Click here) to register for this webinar.
  • Monday 23rd April 2018 – 12.30pm AEST (Click here) to register for this webinar.
  • Monday 30th April 2018 – 12.30pm AEST (Click here) to register for this webinar.

Don’t forget, we have a special discount as part of our celebrations of the Accounting Business Expo – 25% discount on all the products of ESS BIZTOOLS and ESS BIZGRANTS until 30th April 2018.  To avail yourself of this 25% discount, please insert “ABE25” in the “Discount Code” area of the subscription process. 

I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day!

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Communicate or Perish!

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