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Accountant's Minute

Don't Forget Medium-Sized Companies for Crowd Sourced Funding

Accountant's Minute 177

Medium-sized companies, turnover $2 million to $25 million, are a prime group of clients to whom accountants could consult relative to their directors’/management’s vision for the future to determine whether they're interested in raising capital as a Crowd Sourced Funding company. These companies could be interested in “scaling up” their businesses to the next level, or even beyond but...

Do You Want Your Clients to Grow?

Accountant's Minute 176

Do you want to help your clients to grow, or are you just happy doing their compliance work? If you want to take a more serious role, as a trusted business and financial advisor to your clients, then Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising could be the opportunity you’re looking for. Newly legalised here in Australia, Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising could create a new specialisation and a...

This Could Be Just What You're Looking For!

Accountant's Minute 175

Are you looking for a way to retain your clients by helping their businesses to grow? Then this, could be just what you’re looking for. As accountants, we all know that running an accountancy firm is getting tougher and tougher these days. Margins on compliance work are shrinking, but costs…….. just keep going up! You’ve no doubt worked hard to build your client base and now you...

Would You Benefit From a Shark's Advice?

Accountant's Minute 174

Frustrated with the way that your team is responding to the challenge to provide a broader range of professional services – known as commercial services? Can’t get everyone to see where you want to take your accountancy firm and your clients into a whole new era of business related services? Want to develop a growth plan for 2019 incorporating your accountancy business and your...

Crowd Sourced Funding Launches 19 October 2018

Accountant's Minute 173

At long last Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising for Private Companies is available from 19 October 2018. Do you envisage that your accountancy firm will proactively promote the opportunity for some of your clients and prospects to raise capital from the public and in so doing create a new income stream for your accountancy firm? If so, why not identify the prime group of clients for you to...

Accountants Be Proactive! Don’t Chase Courageous Clients Away!

Accountant's Minute 172

What do you want your accountancy business to look like in 1 to 2 years’ time? The same as it looks at present or have you developed a strategy for the future or are you thinking about a strategy for the future? What are your firm’s Key Performance Indicators – have you compared them to other firms who are offering diversified services? Are you satisfied with your firm’s...

Is Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising a Unique Opportunity for Accountants?

Accountant's Minute 171

If you want your accountancy firm to be differentiated in the marketplace and recognised as a market leader, then offering a proactive service on the new Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising for private companies will assist your accountancy firm to: earn a higher average fee per client create new client generation improve your client retention, rather than lose clients who are seeking...

Crowd Sourced Funding Amendments Passed!

Accountant's Minute 170

The Senate passed the Corporations Amendment (Crowd Sourced Funding for Proprietary Companies) Bill 2017 on 12th September 2018.  The legislation will be operational 28 days after Royal Assent.  This means the legislation will be operational from approximately 15th October 2018.  The legislation withdraws the requirements in the original legislation that a private company had to...

Will All Your Stakeholders Be Happy?

Accountant's Minute 169

Would you be happy if your accountancy business was able to achieve the following within the next 2 years? “Accountancy firms with new income streams, higher average fee per client, complying with many SME expectations and providing varied and interesting work which will assist in team recruitment and retention”. To achieve this, you’ll need a minimum of a 30/70 split of non-compliance...

Achieving a “30/70 Vision”

Accountant's Minute 168

Would it work for your accountancy business if you were able to start “new income streams” within 2 months? Would you be happy to supply these types of services to your clients which will assist your firm in combating the ongoing “commoditisation of taxation returns”? Debtors’ Management Review For clients with high debtor’s days outstanding. Indicative fee $900 - $1,800...

Accountants 30/70 Achievable!

Accountant's Minute 167

ESS BIZTOOLS can assist accountants to commence the journey to diversifying their income by offering a range of non-compliance services to their clients and prospects. You are invited to visit ESS BIZTOOLS now, if you wish. When you visit the new ESS BIZTOOLS’ website you will be able to review the products which have been produced by a team with considerable experience in the accountancy...

Proactive Accounting Services Available Here!

Accountant's Minute 166

You can click here now to access if you wish. Where to start on the journey of supplying a proactive accounting service to your clients? You could visit the ESS BIZTOOLS’ website so that you can view the wide range of product packages that are available to assist you to implement commercial services to your clients. Alternatively, you can read this article first. My suggestion is you...

ESIC Assistance Assists Accountants “Future Proof”

Accountant's Minute 165

Welcome to Accountants Minute. The ESIC (Early-Stage Innovation Company) journey creates a range of new interesting work and “income streams” which will assist proactive accountants to “future proof” their accountancy businesses. The ESIC journey will normally commence with: research and development relative to the development of a new product, process, service, organisational or...

Creating a High Growth, High Value Business Consulting Firm

Accountant's Minute 164

Welcome to Accountants Minute. Shouldn’t this be your aim as part of your “Future Proofing” Strategy at the commencement of 2018/19? How many of your clients are giving their cash to an “apparently qualified and experienced anyone” who says they can help your clients grow and improve their business? You have the qualifications and experience.  How many of these other...

Future Proofing Generates ROI

Accountant's Minute 163

Welcome to Accountants Minute. Creating a “FUTURE PROOFING” strategy is vital for accountancy businesses that aspire for a future as the key financial advisor to clients – not fighting competitors with a series of tax driven commodity products. ESS BIZTOOLS’ “New Financial Year Special Offer” will help you get started, for a very low entry fee, on the exciting journey of offering...

Corporate Governance Awareness Vital for Future Proofing

Accountant's Minute 162

What is corporate governance?  Our view is that corporate governance relates to an understanding of business.  Many directors do not fully appreciate the wide range of items that they are legally responsible for, once they are appointed a director.  It is this awareness and understanding of a director’s key role and responsibilities that plays a significant role in...
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